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    In light of the communities where we were born and that saw us grow, laugh, and learn the wisdom of the Andes, most importantly the meaning of Ayni or “sacred reciprocity”, we appreciate our origins here and through our work we seek to support the communities that have supported us.

    Waman Adventures is dedicated to promoting and organizing community projects within the Cusco region. Although tourism plays an important role in Peru´s economy and provides employment for many people, small communities are often denied the direct financial support of large scale commercial tourism.

    Our first objectives within the family of Inkayni Tours through organizing community projects will include the distribution of educational materials for children, given that school systems in smaller communities can always use any extra support for the education of the youth. Another objective is to distribute warm clothing to the distant communities, especially those in high altitudes where winter temperatures can reach -15°C (5°F).

    The mission of this foundation is to assist the school children of our communities through providing them materials and uniforms, and during certain holidays, organizing special charity events.

    1.- Support for Schools:

    Every March the foundation selects a specific community to then support between 30 – 40 children. School supplies are then purchased according to what the school requires.

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    2.- Uniforms for Our Children

    Many children in rural communities lack the financial resources for their new uniforms, leaving them no choice but to re-use for up to 2 years. They also will often use the local sandals made from recycled tires instead of shoes. Sometimes, they may not even have backpacks or other supplies.

    Thanks to your reservations, the Inkayni Foundation is assisting our children at the beggining of each school year with the purchase of uniforms, including:

    • Shoes
    • Trousers
    • Jerseys
    • Shirts
    • Sweaters
    • Backpacks

    3.- Christmas in the Andes

    All children anxiously await the arrival of Christmas in the Andes!
    Every christmas the Inkayni family travels to a high mountain community to share a moment of joy with the local children. Through a simple Christmas breakfast and gifts, along with some dancing and lots of playfullness, we bring out lots of smiles from children and elders alike.

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    Waman Adventures is an ecological organization with sustainable values.

    We believe that respect and love for our beautiful planet (Pacha Mama) is very important and absolutely necessary in order to enjoy and celebrate life. To honor and take care of her is our duty. This implies maintenance for this beautiful land so that our clients who visit from far away may enjoy a pristine environment.

    1.-Environmental Responsability

    1. Waman Adventures practices LEAVE NO TRACE at all times. All trash generated during treks is carried out to proper facilities.

    2. Low Environmental Impact practices. In all of our hikes we use only biodegradable materials (soaps, detergent, biodegradable bags among others).

    3. Constant training for our staff:

    We educate all our personel to be respectful with nature; to always carry-out all trash, to reuse or recyclable products when possible, and to provide them with newer ecological products like solar lamps, etc.

    4. Yearly Cleaning Campaigns on the trails:

    We organize annual campaigns with all the Inkayni Staff (Guides, cooks, porters, office staff, and anyone who wants to participate in these activities). All forms of waste is collected and removed on the trails to Machu Picchu, Inka Trail, Salkantay and Lares.

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    Looking after our Porters

    We seek as many positive adjectives as possible for our staff. These porters are kind, sincere, and joyous individuals with enormous hearts who will receive you in each campsite with big smiles, as if you are being welcomed by family members. These are men that come from communities high in the Andes, typically above 4,000m (above 13,000ft), where Quechua is the dominant language.

    These men are the ones in charge of making this experience possible. They carry all of the food, equipment, supplies and are also available to support you whenever necessary. These Supermen or heroes must depart from each campsite after our hikers leave and also arrive to the next site before our hikers in order to prepare the next meal and ready the tents at each site. Our cooks and porters are the principle force sustaining all of our expeditions.

    Waman Adventures works each day in order to offer the best facilities and optimum conditions of work such as:

    1.-Uniforms for Treks:

    Shoes, Proper Packs, Sleep Bags, Sleeping Mats, and Waist Support Belts, as well as the most important element – an appropriate nourishment before and throughout the trek.

    2.-Pack Weight

    The Peruvian Government has created laws that protect and support all porters to implement the best working conditions. Unfortunately there are still companies that take advantage of porters, forcing many to carry more than the maximum 25 kg without paying an appropriate salary.

    Inkayni was created with the objective to create the necessary changes by making an example of ideal conditions that other agencies may also adopt, as well as the respect that this rigorous work deserves, starting with a salary that honors their impressive physical labor. Our porters shall not carry a weight of more than 18 kg and shall also receive a better salary for their time and service.

    We recognize that we form a part of the communities that saw us come into this world; that taught us to grow, laugh and learn the wisdom of the Andes, most importantly the principle of Ayni or sacred reciprocity. We honor our origins and we work hard to support our cooks and porters so that they may then support their respective families. Inkayni assumes the responsibility to improve the quality of life for our family of porters.

    3.-Sufficient Food

    It is critical that our staff receives proper nutritional meals during all treks to account for rigorous physical activity.

    4.-Payment on time

    As soon as each trek is concluding, our staff is paid on the spot by a representitive from our office so that our porters may return home to their communities instead of traveling to our office in Cusco.

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